Soft Glam Makeup

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Soft Glam Makeup

If some brides are in need of subtle makeup, then the soft glam makeup trend is just right for you. Soft glam simply means radiant-looking or diffused makeup, applied in a way that ensures it’s perfectly blended into your skin. While there are no rules as to what colors they can pick, most soft glam makeup looks are created using a warm, neutral palette to give your skin a soft effect according to the client's needs. Soft glam has no harsh lines, it is thoroughly blended and smudged.

Shades are softer, too, without bright pops of color, closer to monochromatic and natural looks. Soft glam is a perfect choice of makeup for a bride. It’s still delicate but with a touch of glam, and it looks stunning in wedding photos. In soft glam make up natural skin concealer and foundation look with flesh/neutral-toned eyeshadow. Eyebrows filled and sculpted. Your choice of lips and blush color. Natural style lashes included.

  • Soft glam makeup aims to make you look delicate and other-worldly

  • When you choose this look, you’re looking to accentuate the features of your face and make them stand out in an attractive way

  • It is a far more natural look than its glam counterpart

  • Wearing Soft glam makeup will likely make you feel confident and outgoing.